A Path

I wish I could have learned the importance of history earlier. One line of text can represent someone's battle ground, where smart people manipulated other smart people. I wish I can learn from those lines and take all I have to fight for the throne on the biggest stage. I know this is impossible to achieve and I might just die young, but if I fall down at one point, it means that this is how far I can go and what kind of person I am.

When the catastrophe comes, I wish to expand my wings to cover those I love, building a wall that blocks away corruption.

I want a force of my own to do the things I think are right. I hope one day I am worthy of giving out a phoenix crown to someone worthy of keeping it. I need to hold up an emperor's banner, showing the power that can crush any obstacles.

I don't care if I have to risk my life for a four digit number.