Dear Fear of Purposelessness

All I can think about is waking up everyday
realizing I have no value
I am known
as a word in the urban
dictionary but in all seriousness
those words mean nothing
you make me worry about employment
in an office where my eyes get so tired
from looking at a screen they begin to melt
I go blind from boredom to the point that nothing
is joyful
How long until I won’t be able to move from my bed
until it’s 2 in the after-
noon and remember that I’ve done absolutely
nothing to better this world
I am not worth it
My lack of purpose lingers in
my mouth like animals crackers
never giving me enough satisfaction
no matter how cute they seem
I resent them
Dreading the day no one will need me anymore
my phone will go silent for a day reminding me
no one gives a shit
They live on without me
My computer
leaves me jobless
does my work for me today
writing my letter of resignation
to the world