[Five miles from Depot Square]

Five miles from Depot Square
I can see even blue clouds crying
but there are more tears
of mine than raindrops.
There is a parade who, glooming, marching
is covered by shadows and over-
whelmed with papercut pain.

Five miles from Depot Square
where nothing ever happens.
I want something to happen.

Because five miles from
Depot Square is where a
Russian Roulette game turned
the immortal into the mortal.
An evening of the midnight massacre
and glassy champagne bottles
filled with someone else’s whiskey.

Here is where I grew up.
Five miles from Depot Square,
My lonely heart and no
one else. Here I learned
that “desperation” means to love
and “suffocated” means to be loved.
Everyone waiting for the world
to change but no one
changing it. That is
life five miles from
Depot square.