Impressions of Substance 

Leave one environment for another
             and so lose the first forever

the trees all scattered to the digital winds
or else their outlines adrift.
             They are vanishings

in the predominant flow                   of phenomenal reality.

I dial the phone to talk to one friend and then I do it again.
I write a long letter
           to connect my failing human heart to the heart of some other
                     and to ruin my hand                       make the day physical.

Invention and imagination                      the principles I live by.
The bumper sticker on the car

                                                      in front of me indicates
             other more elaborate modes of transport are available.
Tells me also the driver has a cat and two dogs.

I remember when this day started.
It was ten thousand years ago and I was a penitent
kneeling before the maw of angry gods.

They said                              We will obliterate your soul

                                   You will forget who you are

You will start crying when you face Us
              Raging    and you will never be able to stop.


So I went on a journey. I didn’t take their words seriously.
I thought I knew better about how to conduct my life.
    Write all day about the clouds      describe the surface
and penetrate the mist

             the sky disappearing                   saturated in dusk.
I start from a blank page near the back of the pad
and work my way forward
             a terrible god in my own human lights.