Layman's Way - Number 3 (Fall 2017)


Blessing Akinmade ('21)- A Thought

Henry White ('18)- Venus

Alice Fogel- Hemlock

Alissa Muise ('18)- Ivory

Nancy Rose Unser ('18)- The Big Day

J. Kates- [I loved you. Maybe even now]- A translation


Henry Luettgen ('19)- The Song

Blessing Akinmade ('21)- Past Tense

Visual Art & Photography

Abby Ingram ('19)- Untitled

Jasmine Barette ('19)- Untitled 1 & Untitled 2

Garret Autera ('18)- Untitled


Timmy Stone ('18)- How To J.V. Basketball

Peter Spang ('19)- Thrill of the Ride

Haofeng Chen ('19)- Last Words of a Disappearing Thing