Layman’s Way- Number 6 (Fall 2018)


Sita Moses (‘19)- Child’s Play

Carl Boon- Now The Turkish Kids

Emily Field (‘19)- Half Full

Charles Kell- My Broken Tooth

Max Q.Carr (‘20)- Remedial Eclipse

Michelle Brooks- Pretty In A Hard Way

Andrew Lafleche- In Relapse Or Recovery & Prisoner Of My Own Chains

Fiction & Nonfiction

Ainsely Morrison (‘21)- A Mother’s Love

Alex Antonellis (‘20)- Still Life With Bird And Fly

Sana Anand (‘21)- Numbing Despair

Agnes Macy (‘20)- 11:11

Photography & Visual Art

Laura Browne (Faculty)- Dog Days Of Summer

Colin Purdy (‘21)- Dragonfly Selection

Michelle Brooks- The Infinite & Jazz Bistro

Lauren Ryder (‘19)- Reproduction of Van Gogh's Starry Night