Layman's Way - Number 8 (Spring 2019)

"The Graduation Issue" featuring work by members of the graduating class of 2019!


Laura Coffin ('19)- Nubilo

Phillip Simons ('19)- Lunch of Summer Sausage and Processed Cheese

Emily Field ('19)- Dear Fear of Purposelessness

Antonia Bean ('19)- Spider

Nico Posner ('19)- The Obfuscation

Haofeng “Nemo” Chen ('19)- A Path

Gwyn Thompson ('19)- A Demonstration

Grace Harrington ('19)- [Five miles from Depot Square]

Peter Spang ('19)- Untitled

Lauren Ryder ('19)- An Excerpt from Afraid

Yuanzhi “Jacky” Wang ('19)- #8 from Growing Up


Deven Hardikar ('19)- Dear Baptistina

Dylan Hackel ('19)- Representation