Space Needed

In we slip, through and through
The silence, it's not painful, not exactly
The emotions are more complex then pain
They are contradictory and unsettling
The lack of voices gives my head space I don't know whether its good or bad
Its just there, like so many things in the world
Space to create words you might say to me if volume and silence were the same
The more space you give me the freer I am
The more space you give me the more constricted I feel
But conclusions come too slowly
Blurry and misty, but they exist
Breaks are good
Words become lyrics, constantly inconsistent
Strung together to make expression
If the silence wasn't there what would take its place
If the silence stays what will it grow into, is it possible to forget how to talk altogether? A science experiment this is
An experiment, indeed
Communication is what I wish was on the menu
I am hungry for it, starving
Out you start to slip
A race it becomes
If you want to slip away from me, watch me slip first.