Untitled  by Sarah Doenmez

Untitled by Sarah Doenmez

The Red Hat

This is a red hat. A
cap that dances across the hairs on your
back and urges you to take up the role of a
crime fighter.

This is surely true, as when you defy physics with
this hat, you defy all other hats that came before it, pushing them back into the factories that serve
as their creators.

The hat is a bowl;
It’s armor,
It’s protection,
And it’s pretty fucking cool looking.
Keep it in the fridge and save it
For later.

And just when you think you have it all backwards, it’s just the cap.
I mean hat,
that decides what’s right and what’s wrong, and
how mathematics should work and how the geometric shapes of blenders shouldn’t
actually blend things.

Forgive and for-
get this hat that has wronged so many; it’s faults lie within the

Take this hat,
and let it soak in the height of the grand canyon,
to grow into a revolution,
For this hat was not always red.