Thrill of the Ride

Mountain biking. To the majority of people those two words mean people lazily riding bikes on some dirt, but for me and a lot of other people it is a life. Just those two words send shivers down our spine with excitement and memories flash through our heads like a title wave. Each person has different memories when they think of mountain biking. Some think of the adrenaline of the claustrophobic feeling of going twenty miles an hour through tight trees and over big roots and technical rock gardens. For some others its memories of huge twenty foot jumps and the sensation of perfectly landing backflips and tricks. For some others it’s memories of the lifestyle, the crowds, friends, pushing the limits of what their own bodies can do. For me though it’s all of the above. My name is Peter Spang and I am a slopestyle and Downhill mountain biker.

Untitled  by Garret Autera

Untitled by Garret Autera