Pressed into the hips of an old maple tree,
Breathing in unison into the symphony of creatures in the dark.
Time gives way to rhythm, kept
Punctuated by enamored sighs
Harmony shatters into dissonance and cuts clearly across the wooded floor

Again, and again growing markedly more violent
Mimicking the pitch and yaw of an old ship,
Timbers creaking under the passion of the ocean

As flesh grows cold, attention is strained,
Baleful eyes are thrown in every direction
Save one

Past raven tresses, past sins in the silence
They are thrown into the tapestry above, woven in black,
and purple strands
Tiny pinpoints of light shine from beyond the curtain
Sparkling gems hidden among the threads

The baleful eyes grow somber in the pale light of Venus
Revered goddess and symbol for love.
Her allure and temptations twinkling in the eyes of lovers for centuries
She is but a guessing game aimed towards those
foolish enough to believe in her truths

The whole world grows quiet as she approaches
Whispers of her flitter about the globe
No one believes she exists.

If you believe.
She wanders close to Earth
Catches the glint of a lover’s eye
And herds their gaze, 26 million miles to where it matters most
Into the eyes of a true believer,
Pressed into the hips of an old maple tree.