What is said

It’s not the anger it’s the beauty. Beauty is pain they say but why do
I always get let to sit on pins when they have the smile painted
across ther face. Life isn’t fair they say. But we all know this by age
10 when the candy is gone and you blame anyone but yourself

It’s gone and you are too as your heart always follows their steps
through the hall and you are the one out of control just trying to get
back what is yours

Why your organ gets stuck on the bottom of their shoe and you are
the one called crazy women
Why it stings so bad when your steps have passed

A blow to the chest and a blow to the heart are not the same to
those in the blue scrubs
One can be fixed and the other is medicated with the swift brush of
the broom under the places that no one would dare to look for
Why this now and why not then
These feelings I want you to leave,
the numb mind is easier to
breath with
Drowning in my own blood with my heart on your shoe